Stylish Wedding Dresses Under £500

So it turns out that dresses are quite a big thing when it comes to weddings.  I had hoped that my general aversion to all things overtly girly might mean that I was immune to the lure of the gown.  That perhaps I could exhibit a certain hipster cool-ness about it all and get hitched in a suit, or maybe one of the perfectly nice dresses I already own.  It wan’t to be.  I am a girl after all, and dressing up in big frocks is all part of the fun of being a bride.

However I don’t subscribe to the idea that you have to part with the equivalent of a mortgage deposit to get a stunning dress.  You can find some really beautiful dresses for under £500 that in no way compromise on style – these are the ones that have recently caught my eye (hop over to Pinterest for the full list)

Designer style:  If you want a designer frock on a budget you can find unusual, stylish gowns by looking at the normal dress sections on sites like Net-A-Porter and filtering by white / cream dresses (ssh! no-one will know they’re not supposed to be a wedding dress…). L to R: Malene Birger Columba wrap-effect stretch-silk maxi dress Net-a-Porter, £400, Jarlo Kelly Maxi Dress £85, Maje Fire macramé-trimmed linen maxi dress Net-a-Porter £230


Short Dresses:   I went for a 50’s style short dress, but there are a whole range of short bridal styles around – both vintage and modern.  From L to R: Vintage 50s Dress by swingkatsvintage on Etsy £169, Vivienne Westwood Pavillion cutout cotton dress £375,  Embroidered lace 70s wedding dress by Dear Golden vintage on Etsy £267


Non-wedding-y, wedding dresses:  Who says wedding dresses have to be plain white? These gorgeous frocks will make any bride stand out. From L to R:  Chiffon Wedding Dress by ArjanB on Etsy, £635 (sorry – this one is slightly above the £500 limit but was too lovely to miss out), 1950s Cotton Floral Dress With Studded Pockets,  £119, Two-piece White Green Floral A-line Dress by Chinese Hut on Etsy, £103.92


High Street Gems:  You can pick up some great bargins on the high street (especially at sale time), and they’re handy for trying on with no bridal boutique-style pressure from sales assistants.  L to R: ASOS Pretty Gothic Embellished Skater Dress £95, Monsoon Erynne Dress -Ivory, £499, BHS  Ella Bridal Dress £110

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