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Tying lace around a bouquetAbove:  making my own bouquet – courtesy of blog instructions

It’s no secret that I’m a huge nerd when it comes to planning; I love a good spreadsheet (especially if it’s coded in complementary colours) and will happily spend ages researching holidays or household purchases.

When it came to planning our wedding I was initially a bit reticent – it seemed almost too big a project. Then I dipped my toe in the water with wedding magazines and started clipping bits and pieces out of them and getting a few ideas, but it was still a bit intimidating and I couldn’t always see myself in the picture-perfect weddings these publications tended to feature.

Wedding magazines are beautiful and aspirational, but it wasn’t until I discovered the world of wedding blogs that I finally got excited about planning.  I found weddings that were of a style that seemed realistic and more on my comfort zone, and (even better) they’re completely FREE, so you don’t have to blow your entire wedding budget on magazine subscriptions.

Not only that, but they’re organised and tagged (some even have databases), which deeply pleases my inner librarian.  So (for example) if you’re at the stage where you’re thinking about flowers, you can go and hunt out ideas for flower decorations and ‘how to make your own bouquet’ guides to your heart’s content.

Links to favourite blogs under the cut…

Below I’ve listed some of my favourites. The UK sites are really useful for UK specific suppliers (I found my dress and my photographer through Rock & Roll Bride), but the US sites are great sources of inspiration.  Our wedding was basically my attempt at recreating some of the gorgeous American ‘backyard’ weddings I saw.   However these were usually held in the gardens of lush houses in places like Savannah, Georgia, where they don’t have to have contingency plans for British summer weather, and family members show up, unprompted, with peach based baked goods (or so it appears).

UK Blogs

Rock & Roll Bride  –  Kat’s site was one of the mainstays of my wedding planning – a brilliant source of unique and interesting weddings, with couples that look like real people!

Rock My Wedding – one of the original and best; an extensive resource for stylish UK brides featuring some very beautiful weddings.

Want That Wedding – on the chic end of the scale, this blog has some great inspiration boards, and useful archives tagged by colour and theme.

Boho Weddings – this blog wasn’t around when I was planning my wedding a few years ago, but if it was I’m sure I would have been a regular visitor to its useful wedding directory and growing collection of featured weddings with a modren hippie vibe.

US Blogs

Once Wed – excellent DIY ideas and very useful searchable back catalogue of images by colour / theme / style – one of the blogs I used the most throughout my wedding planning.

A Practical Wedding – this site focuses less on the aesthetics, and more on really useful practical guidance – how to find good readings, how to choose a photographer etc.  It still features some very lovely weddings, but it also has very honest and well written insights into wedding planning – equal substance to style.

Etsy wedding blog – it’s no secret we love Etsy here, and this blog features backyard, alternative homespun-weddings with a crafty Etsy twist.

Intimate Weddings: focussing on smaller weddings, this is particularly good for décor ideas and step by step DIY guides.

Green Wedding Shoes – lots of relaxed, outdoor wedding inspiration.

Snippet & Ink – some of the weddings are very lush, but it’s a really rich resouce of inpiration, especially for invites and paper goods.

Offbeat Bride – the first wedding blog I ever came across, it was so reassuring to see something other than traditional white weddings.  It features creative and unique weddings (and people) and is a fantastic source for finding ‘offbeat’ products.

Style Me Pretty -some jaw-droppingly well styled weddings and very useful DIY guides.

Other Useful Resources

 Pinterest – how I wish this had existed when I was planning our wedding!  I actually saved pictures into themed folders on my hard drive and copied them into word documents and printed them out.  Now you can do the sensible version of that and create online inspiration boards and lose days exploring other people’s wedding pins.

Feedly – I originally used Google Reader (RIP) to organise the feeds from the wedding blogs I followed.  Since Google sadly killed it, I’ve since migrated to Feedly which similarly allows you to tag and group posts you want to bookmark and refer back to.

 You & Your Wedding Forums – vast swathes of information and brides helping each other out over every aspect of wedding planning. I wouldn’t advise getting too lost in there (you might end up a bit Bridezilla), but it’s occasionaly useful to dip into using the search function – if you’ve a realy specific question no doubt someone will have asked it before.

Wedding Planning Checklist – I’d take the timings here with a hefty pinch of salt (I only gave flowers any real thought 2 weeks before the wedding…) but this kind of checklist can be useful as a sense check to make sure there’s nothing major you’ve overlooked.  Or at least, to confirm you’ve overlooked it on purpose…

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