Etsy Picks: Office Chic



Head back to the office in style after the summer holidays with our selection of Etsy picks (see the full treasury over here on Etsy)

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The Front Doors of Axbridge: Delightfully Different


The Front Doors of Axbridge

The front doors of Axbridge: delightfully different

Axbridge is a small town in Somerset, it’s a pretty charming place – all the houses are tightly packed together but none of them alike either in period or size. They do all have one thing in common though – a beautiful front door. Of course they’re still pretty varied but all equally delightful. When me and Kath visited last year (for our fauxglasto weekend) we couldn’t resist going out for a wander, camera in hand, to document the scene.

From the Medieval studded door of the butchers, to the baby blue gateway hiding the secret garden, to the understated elegance of April Cottage’s entrance peering from behind the chrysanthemums. Each one has it’s own appeal.

It was also what spurred me on to finally invest in my own front door and I’m pretty confident my Manchester house could now stand proud among it’s Southern Axbridge counterparts.


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Rowen and Wren: Elegant and Distinctive Homewares


Rowen and Wren have one of the most beautifully photographed homeware collections of any online shop.  The covetable vintage accessories; the backdrops of deep slate blue paint and whitewashed walls; I would happily move in to their online world if it existed.

As you’d expect from such a carefully crafted visual style, the collection itself is exquisitely tasteful, and it’s one of those shops where you can’t really go wrong if you’re looking for a gift.  Anyone with any sense would be happy to welcome something from Rowan and wren into their home.

Their collections do span a range price-wise, and some items are outside my personal budget, but there are also some really affordable gems, and it’s also a great place to look for well crafted antique-style hardware (think burnished brass, copper and nickel).

Liz has picked some of her favourite bits and pieces below….

Rowen and Wren homewares mason cocktail shaker recipe book

The Mason Shaker Cocktail book £18.

My other half bought me a Mason Shaker for last years Birthday but I fear my bottom of the bottle, back of the cupboard concoctions may not pass muster. I am buying this. If I remember I will let you know how I get on…

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Lost in a Scandinavian Forest

At this moment, if I could be anywhere I’d ask to be transported to the Swedish countryside. Perhaps Småland or Södermanland but I’d definitely be staying in a little red cabin (faluröda hus) positioned by a lake and surrounded by trees. Right now the forests are a lush green colour, so green they’re almost blue and the trees tower above you, giant and cartoon-like, shooting upwards like a fletching at the tail of an arrow…

…I’m not sure I can delve any further into this fantasy without risking severe ‘iwantaholiday-itus’. Instead I will share with you my favourite Scandinavian forest inspired accessories which will help to bring a touch of this picture perfect scene into your home.

Scandinavian Forest Accessories


1. Hansel and Gretel nursery print £25.00 , 2. Moomin Green Garden Mug £14.95, 3. Green Finnish Tree Fabric  £24.95/m, 4. Green Moorland Cushion £28.00, 5. Talking tree hexagon pot stand $31, 6. Gran Tray €43, 7. Big Matches $8, 8. The Fir Tree £8.99, 9. House in the Forest $219, 1o. Bear of Few Words Print, £10




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Our Favourite: Festival Gear


Image: © ashley rose, creative commons via flickr


I think it’s fair to say me and Kath are pretty excited about the upcoming festival season, and our musical adventures begin next month as we’re both heading to Glastonbury! For myself and my partner Paul it’s the very first time we’ve managed to secure tickets, so we’re going all out and treating it as though it’s our summer holiday. Which, in my mind, means I’m allowed to treat myself to a few choice holiday accessories. In fact most of these picks are staple UK summer items, festival or not. This, of course, means I can buy more as they’ll be used time and time again.

More over on our Pinterest board.

If mud and music just aint your thing then read about our alternative #fauxglasto adventures last year…




Left to right, top to bottom

1. ASOS GONE Biker Wellies £25, 2. Enamel Mug  £7.95,  3. Yellow Welly Sock £12.95, 4. Striped Neckerchief £14, 5. Fjallraven Kanken £65, 6. Storm Lantern £29.00, 7. Event stool £42, 8. No drought, dry shampoo £3.95, 9. Picnic blanket £15




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Etsy Picks: Spring Blossom



An Etsy collection celebrating the springtime garden (with UK friendly postage)

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Etsy Picks: Peachy Keen



See more of our springtime, blush-tinged collection over on Etsy

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