Can’t Find A Low Bedside Table?

milking stool bedside table

I’ve recently redecorated my spare room. And although it’s not quite ready for ‘before and after’ pictures just yet (it’s still lacking in furniture), I thought I’d share my ingenious bedside table discovery.

It’s tricky to find a bedside table to go alongside a futon bed. It’s so low; you don’t want your guests having to awkwardly reach up from bed to set down their book or glasses.

I originally had the idea of a tree trunk table, similar to this from French Connection, but about half the height. I scoured the web to no avail, and didn’t feel brave enough to grab an axe and hack down one of my own. Then I had a brainwave, and started search for a small wooden stool instead.

As usual, eBay was my first port of call, and it didn’t fail me.  I managed to pick up this lovely little antique milking stool for the princely sum of £15. It’s just the right height, with enough space for my new little Habitat lamp (£28) and a glass of water (or a cluster of snowdrops in this case).

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Our Favourite: Alarm Clocks

Getting up in the morning isn’t pleasant at the best of times, but in winter months it can seem especially torturous when it’s dark and cold outside (for Northern hemisphere dwellers).

A stylish alarm clock by no means guarantees a better waking up experience, but you might be less inclined to want to throw it across the room if it looks pretty on your nightstand.  Here are some of our favourites, you’ll find more over here on our Pinterest board  (and if you want something to put it on take a look back at Our Favourite Bedside Tables)

1. Liberty | Newgate Clocks Red Covent Garden Metal Alarm Clock, £16.95 (£5.95 delivery/in store)  2. The White Company | Small Karlsson Alarm Clock £35 (in store / £4.95 p&p)  3. Naken | Minimal Alarm Clock, £36 (£3.95 p&p)  4. Etsy| Soviet Desk Clock, £23.40 (£8 p&p) 5. Clas Ohlson | Alarm Clock, £9.99 (in store) 6. Amazon | Handmade Classic Beech Wood Alarm Clock | £14.99 (free p&p)  7. Housing Units | NeXtime Flipped Alarm Clock,  £27

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Our Favourite: Armchairs

In my opinion it’s best to play it safe when it comes to sofas – after all they don’t come cheap, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to afford to change your mind too often. But I think you can justify being that little more adventurous when it comes to your choice of armchair. Take a glance at some of our current favourites.  (And yes, I may have been watching Mad Men whilst making the shortlist…can you tell?)

More can be found over on our dedicated pinterest board


1. Armchair in Putty Linara Mad Men £399, 2. Mid Century Rocking Chair in Orange £395, 3. Brown leather Chesterfield £699, 4. Charcoal Velvet Occasional Chair £395, 5. G Plan Vintage The Fifty Five Armchair £799, 6. 1950s Mid Century Modern Style Leather Armchair £595 , 7. Bespoke Parker Knoll Patchwork Armchair in Designers Guild fabric £395

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Our Favourite: (Subtly Patterned) Rugs

The nights are drawing in, autumn is stepping up a notch, and it’s time to think about getting the house into a cosier state in preparation for nippier weather to come.

If you’re thinking of covering up draughty floorboards with a rug or two, then have a gander below.  If like me you’re a bit of a wuss when it comes to strong patterns,  then these rugs can help you venture beyond the plain beige camp, into slightly more interesting territory, with a mixture of textures, patterns and a splash or two of colour (braver souls should take a look back at Liz’s Geometric rugs).

For our full selection visit our Pinterest board of picks.


1. Urban Outfitters | Confetti Fields 3×5 Rug £39 (£3.99 p&p)  2. Nordic House | Natural & White Striped Rug £37.95 (£4.95 p&p)  3. Etsy | Anatolian Hand Woven Turkish Kilim Rug £124 (free p&p) 4. 5. Zara Home | Coloured Rug £169.99 (£9.99 p&p/collect in store) 6. Maisons Du Monde | Afra rug 140×200 £129.90 (£29 p&p) 7. Loaf | Forever Rug £245 (£15 p&p)

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Our Favourite: Bedside Tables

No bedroom is complete without bedside tables.  I don’t care whether they match, or even if they’re just an upturned crate, but any bedroom in a glossy design magazine that doesn’t have bedside tables won’t cut the mustard with me, no matter how beautifully decorated.

Where would you put your nighttime reading?  Your alarm clock?  Your evening tipple? Your graveyard of used daily contact lenses? (that one might be just me…).  They’re a bedroom essential and mine are in need of an upgrade.  It might just be a sand and paint job, but if I was going to splash out on new ones, these would be on my list…


1. West Elm | Parquetry Bedside Table £199.95 sale price (£15 p&p)   2. Urban Outfitters | Factory Side Table in Mint £60 (free p&p)  3. French Connection | Small Wooden Cube £95 (collect in store)  4. Design Vintage | Vintage French Cupboard £175 (£5.95 p&p)  5. Etsy | Upcycled Vivienne Westwood Squiggle bedside tables £250 for 2 (£29 p&p)  6. Loaf | Campaign retro style bedside table £225 (£4.95 p&p)   7. Graham & Green | Giogio Dark Bedside £295 (delivery costs vary by location)

See our full Pinterest list of bedside tables for more ideas.

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Charity shop finds: Furnishing your house for less


After moving from a small flat into our three bed terrace we had a lot of space to fill, but no money to spend on the furnishings needed to fill it. I’ve always been a charity shop fan but never really considered them as a place to buy furniture, but now my priorities have changed from dresses to dressers I’ve discovered a wealth of them that are dedicated to that very thing.

There is a certain amount of luck and patience involved in the pursuit of a bargain but the key is to go in with an open mind, they’re never going to have an exact replica of that coffee table you’ve been dreaming about for months. In fact we’ve found it works out for the best if you don’t go with a particular item in mind either. Last week we snapped up an old fashioned Gentlemans’ wardrobe from our local YMCA, complete with labelled compartments including space for ‘underwear and pyjamas’. It’s perfect for our spare room but we didn’t know we wanted or needed it until we saw it!

Gentlemans Wardrobe

Of course many of these items do require a little TLC, so it’s not quite as easy(?) as assembling an IKEA flat-pack, you often need to spend a little more time nurturing them back to life. Often they just need a good clean but when you’re browsing try and picture how you could improve upon it, sometimes a simple as a lick of paint or a change of handle could transform that cabinet you can buy with your loose change. I intend to document the renewal of my charity shop buys here, which so far includes a sideboard, record cabinet, dresser and the aforementioned wardrobe.

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