My New Front Door: The Sun is Shining in Manchester!

Liz's new front door

At the time of writing this post our front door has been living with us for less than a week and I feel like a new Mother. I’m currently sat on the steps as I type, and every so often I keep glancing beyond the laptop to have a look at the beautiful new addition to our home. I mean look at my face – could I be any happier?

The yellow may be considered a brave choice but coupled with a classic door, it’s a simple but tasteful way of bringing a Victorian Terrace bang up to date. A contemporary twist on a Victorian original. Think Charles Dickens styled by Anna Piagi…



Light now pours through the etched panes, brightening up our narrow hallway. The door is yellow on the inside too. Think of it as a feature wall – not as a necessity that needs to be hidden.

The door itself was lovingly crafted by Chris Waldron from The Grand Victorian Door Company. He’s a real nice guy and has this front door lark down to a fine artform. He even put up with my pernickety Graphic Designer requests when it came to selecting a typeface for the fanlight.

As for door furniture, I delight in telling people that we opted for a doctors knocker and a mushroom knob (*snicker*). I guess the colour is loud enough, so we wanted to keep the accessories as simple. Who knew that brass and yellow could be such good friends?



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Our Favourite: Door Knobs

Knobs (of the door variety) are the perfect way to liven up a tired piece of furniture. I reckon you can get away with being a little more creative with your choices at a smaller scale so door knobs are a chance to add an accent of colour/fun to a space.  These are just some of our favourites. The fox knobs from anthropologie were my choice for our alcove TV cabinet.

View our full collection on pinterest.



1. Not on the High Street | Ceramic Tangier Knob £5 (free p&p), 2. Anthropologie | Brilliant Blossom Knob £10 (£5 p&p), 3. Not on the High Street | Ceramic Alphabet Letters And Numbers Knob £10 (£2.75 p&p), 4. The Contemporary Home | Gisela Graham Dove Grey Embossed Design Drawer Pull £4.00 (£3.99 p&p), 5. Anthropologie | Swirled Geode Knob £16.00 (£5 p&p), 6. Anthropologie | Through The Woods Knob, Fox £10.00 (£5 p&p) 7. This Modern Life | Coloured Wooden Knobs £9 (£1.30 pp), 8. Not on the High Street | Pull Me Round Door Pull £8 (£2.75 p&p)

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