Etsy Picks: Peachy Keen



See more of our springtime, blush-tinged collection over on Etsy

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Etsy Picks: Marvellous Marble


Our pick of all things marble-y (with UK friendly postage). More over on Etsy…

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Unique And Vintage Wedding Bands

Wedding bands don’t get the same kind of attention as their blingy cousins, engagement rings.

People (myself included) tend to treat them as just another item on the wedding ‘to do’ list, but I think they deserve a bit more attention than that. After all, it’s a pretty long term jewellery commitment – a few levels up from selecting which Topshop earrings to buy…

On first look, wedding rings seemed to fall into three categories; plain and classic (but a bit boring), expensive and diamond studded, or modern and brutalist / industrial.  I was after someing simple and elegant, but not too plain, and so I struggled to find something to fit the bill.  As a girl, I also had the added complication of requiring something that would go with my engagement ring, a vintage 1920’s number with a warm, mellow colour to the gold.

As with most things, my avid following of wedding blogs saved the day.  I stumbled across an incredible wedding on 100 Layer Cake –  the beautiful handcrafted marriage of Artemis and Nao on the Isle of Wight.

Floral engraved ring

Not only is it one of my all time favourite nuptials of all of the weddings I’ve seen in blog-land, but when I read the full article on their website I clocked their gorgeous engraved rings and I was sold.  I was even more flabberghasted when I worked out that the couple made the rings themselves.  Woah.

Artemis and Nao happen to be the incrediblely talented pair behind Rust Jewellery, where they hand-craft beautiful, delicate pieces out of their workshop in Hatton Garden in London (Artemis is also a talented sewer and photographer and blogs about her craft creations, vintage finds and family’s adventures over at her blog Junkaholique).

I was so bowled over by their rings, that I booked a trip down to London (kindly put up by my good friend Lucy) and paid a visit to their little bat cave of jewellery magic. Artemis was very patient as I tried on just about every type of ring they made (whilst also oggling their lovely necklaces).  I finally settled on the floral engraved 2mm ring in gold (the white gold version is shown above) which matches perfectly the colour of my engagement ring. Ste opted for a plain court ring in the same gold.

More favourites under the cut….

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A Gift Idea For Stylish Commuters

I’m a dedicated user of public transport, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not the most glamourous method of travel.

At this time of year buses and trains are rammed with commuters more concerned with wrapping up against the horrible weather and avoiding the bugs of fellow travellers than looking stylish en route.  Perfect hair and make up gets a battering as windows steam up with the collective body heat of soggy, frustrated passengers.

Small luxuries bring a sliver of pleasure to the daily routine, and by treating yourself to something like a lovely hand crafted leather travel pass holder, you can inject your daily commute with a bit of style.

travel pass holder with zigzag design

Liz bought me this cracking specimen from an Etsy seller called Tovi Sorga last Christmas.  Not only has it replaced the standard issue plastic pass cover which was falling apart, but it also makes me feel a cut above the rest on the 97 bus, and I’m sure I’ve clocked a few envious looks from fellow passengers (or they could have just been giving me the side eye for inadvertently pushing in front of them in the queue…).

Torvi Sorga also make a whole range of other leather goods in bold prints and graphics that would make great gfits (I won’t mention the C word yet, but if you’re organised enough, go for it).

iphone case with swallow design

Leather iPhone case – Swallow and Leaf

Tovi corrie earrings

Leather earrings – Minimal Geometry No.2

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