Our Favourite: Record Players

I started buying records when I was at art college in Bradford, I also owned a pair of purple cords. No it wasn’t the 60’s it was the 00’s. I thought I was cool…


My collection is modest, and I don’t imagine it’s worth very much – they’re well loved and not in a mint condition kind of way. However, since moving into our new house they have been a little neglected – shelved alongside the dusty board games in the dining room. They are soon to get a new home though…

Since my office/study has been finished (post to follow soon) i’ve been hankering after a reasonably priced player so I can listen to my music whilst I work. The retro record player must be in vogue as there has never been so much choice, Urban Outfitters’ offering is particularly good. I can’t vouch for the sound quality of all that are featured but if, like me, the waves only needs to fill a small space then it’s perhaps worth considering ones with built in speakers.  My favourites are Crosley The Player Turntable (pictured above) £110 and and Philips OTT2000 Bluetooth Stereo System, £149.99.

More over on Pinterest…



1. UO X Dansette Sterling Standing Record Player £250 (currently on back order), 2. Ricatech RTT95 Record Player Turntable USB £199.90, 3. PROJECT black turntable £200, 4. Steepletone USB Norwich Retro Wooden Record Player £85.58, 5. Philips OTT2000 Bluetooth Stereo System £149.99.

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Our Favourite: Alarm Clocks

Getting up in the morning isn’t pleasant at the best of times, but in winter months it can seem especially torturous when it’s dark and cold outside (for Northern hemisphere dwellers).

A stylish alarm clock by no means guarantees a better waking up experience, but you might be less inclined to want to throw it across the room if it looks pretty on your nightstand.  Here are some of our favourites, you’ll find more over here on our Pinterest board  (and if you want something to put it on take a look back at Our Favourite Bedside Tables)

1. Liberty | Newgate Clocks Red Covent Garden Metal Alarm Clock, £16.95 (£5.95 delivery/in store)  2. The White Company | Small Karlsson Alarm Clock £35 (in store / £4.95 p&p)  3. Naken | Minimal Alarm Clock, £36 (£3.95 p&p)  4. Etsy| Soviet Desk Clock, £23.40 (£8 p&p) 5. Clas Ohlson | Alarm Clock, £9.99 (in store) 6. Amazon | Handmade Classic Beech Wood Alarm Clock | £14.99 (free p&p)  7. Housing Units | NeXtime Flipped Alarm Clock,  £27

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Our Favourite: Home Telephones

I have the misfortune of being an EE customer in an area where EE signal is a bit ropey and in an old house with thick stone walls which seem to weaken it even further.

Whenever I try to make a call from home I have to loiter by the windows, which must make me look pretty odd to the neighbours, especially when I run from one window to another as the signal starts to fail. I recently reached the very peak of my frustration when I was on the phone to the bank, had just navigated through the nine circles of hell (aka the automated telephone system), and after 20 minutes I finally reached a human being, and the signal chose that point to drop. Gaargh!

Suffice to say, I think a re-instatement of the house phone is needed to restore my sanity, and it turns out that there’s a fantastic selection of stylishly retro ones available. In fact, my parents keep reminding me that their red rotary dial phone would be very much in vogue now had they kept it instead of switching it out for a modern one in the early 90’s due to my protestations that it was preventing me from being able to participate in Going Live! phone-ins (not that I ever did get to speak to Chesney Hawkes…)


1. Wild & Wolf 746 1960’s Corded Telephone, £49.95 (collect in store / £3 p&p)  2.  Etsy, GPO 162 1930s Art Deco Bakelite Pyramid Telephone, £150 (£7.99 p&p)  3. Amazon, Emerald Green Classic 1970s Style Trim Phone  £34.95 (free p&p) 4. Amazon, Swissvoice Epure Full Eco Cordless Single DECT £ 49 (free p&p)  5. Retro style phone five by viva designs  £85 (£10 p&p)  6.  Etsy, Genie – 1980s Retro BT Telephone in Antique White £40 (£4.99 p&p) 7. IWOOT GPO Audrey retro push-button telephone £34.99 (free p&p)

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Our Favourite iPhone Covers & Cases

I’m a slow mover when it comes to technology. For a long time I resisted the touchscreen and insisted on a mobile with buttons. Eventually all that was left were what the pitying phone shop staff referred to as  ‘builders’ phones’  and so I was forced into getting an iPhone 4.  After a bit of initial adjustment (and swearing-y finger jabbing at the screen) I never looked back.

We had a happy 2 years together until it started to crash more and more frequently and I realised I had to upgrade to a 5. Even after I bought the 5 I clung onto the 4 for a while longer as it rallied in the death throes, but eventually I made the transition (and given the dimensions of the 6 I’m determined to make it last and last so I never have to upgrade).

That might be a tad optimistic, but it’s life will certainly be extended if I get it some added protection from my clumsiness.  I’ve already dropped it a several times and the clutter at the bottom of my handbag is a scratch disaster waiting to happen…

Luckily there are so many fantastic covers and cases around at the moment that I’m spoiled for choice.


1. Cognac leather iPhone Case £34.73 (£3.96 p&p) 2.That January Feeling iPhone & iPod Case $35  ($10 p&p) 3. Sparkle Stripe iPhone & iPod Case $35 ($10 p&p)  4. Blank Jolie Tech Case £38 (in store) 5. Cross Stitch iPhone 4 case £8.99 (free p&p) 6. Leather Smartphone Case Swallow and Leaf £33.56 (£2.44 p&p) 7.  Art Deco iPhone Case Navy £13.44 (£4.59 p&p) 8. Cat Monster iPhone Cover £15 (£1.75 p&p)

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Our Favourite: iPod Docks & Speakers

Liz once told me the story of how she’d come to own her camera.  She undertook thorough and lengthy research on which digital camera had the best spec for her needs, went into the shop with every intention of buying it, and then was lured into buying a completely different camera on sight of one with a cool retro design.

I’ll admit that I too am far too easily influenced by presentation when it comes to all things technological. My particular weakness is for any modern device which is disguised by a nice bit of burnished wood or leather. It started with the gorgeous Roberts DAB radio that I received as a leaving gift from my previous job.  I then fell victim to a lovely Crosley turntable in a tweed blue and grey portable case from Urban Outfitters, and I’m currently eyeing up one of these stylish ipod docks / speakers for my new iPhone …

See the full collection over on our Pinterest board


Image of 7 ipod docks

1. Koostik | Walnut Original, $95 (+$39.45 p&p to UK)  2. En and Is | MegaPhone ceramic amplifier, 399  3. Amazon | Ruark Audio R2i DAB/FM Stereo with iPod Dock  Walnut, £299.99 (free delivery)  4. Play.com | KitSound XDOCK Dock Clock Radio for Apple iPod & iPhone 4S/ 4/ 3GS/ 3G, £29.99 (free delivery) iPhone 5 version also available,  5. Amazon | Philips DS9000/12 Primo Docking Speaker for iPad/iPhone/iPod – wood finish, £199.99 (+free p&p)  6. Crosley iDeco Speaker Sound Docking Station for iPod and iPhone – Mahogany, £89.99 (free delivery)  7. John Lewis | Roberts Sound 100 DAB/FM/CD iPod Dock Radio, £249.95 (in store/ free delivery)

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